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MillionFlea, LLC is an Intellectual Property Engineering firm founded in San Diego, CA in 2008. The roots of our company began in 1989 when our founders, Leroy J. Barrett III and Buford Jones III, formed a musical duo in college. The two-man team wrote, produced and performed songs together for the pursuant decade. Eventually their talents, abilities and popularity led them to creating for others, as well. Their creative chemistry has led them to building imaginative works far beyond music.

Since the Beginning

Since initially becoming a writing team in 2008 MillionFlea has been contracted for a variety of projects, even creating a theme for an amusement park. Our project repertoire includes animated shows, stage plays, reality shows, and educational products..

The MillionFlea focus is creating powerful media works. Our driving commitment is to produce films and television shows that uplift, inspire and fuel the hearts of audiences around the globe. Our vast creative range, indeed the vision of MillionFlea, continues to expand to deliver this passion in its most potent packaging.



To achieve real change we have to expand boundaries. The wondrous ocean of what-could-be is scarcely visited but ripe for exploration.


Official Music Video

Armani with Play Masters ft. ThaMost

MillionFlea Films/ MillionFlea Productions/ MillionFlea LLC- Copyright 2018 © All Rights Reserved. In Association with Chocolate Journey & T2S Artistic Studios. Written | Produced by Leroy J. Barrett III & Joe Mack of Sound Collage Musik Directed by Leroy J. Barrett III Executive Producer: Dr. Marchita Masters Director of Photography: SDM Editor: Ray Rudy Casting by LaTonda Hardy-Davis Hair/Makeup by Shanise Williams Choreographed by Halle Taft & Robbie Del Rosario for ThaMost SPECIAL THANKS: G. Aaron Lewis, Arnold J. Hogue, Jr., Monique Barrett & the Barrett Family, Angela Norfleet, Wade Erickson, Nesian Talent Management, The Elementary Institute of Science and The City of San Diego.


Official Music Video

Caden Banker Morgan

MillionFlea Films/ MillionFlea Productions/ MillionFlea LLC- Copyright 2018 © All Rights Reserved. Written | Produced by Leroy J. Barrett III Directed by Leroy J. Barrett III Executive Producer: Todd Morgan Director of Photography: Ray Rudy

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Our Team

Meet our awesome team of creatives.

Leroy J. Barrett III CEO / Founder

Leroy is the CEO & Founding Partner MillionFlea LLC. He combines an expert knowledge of the entertainment industry with a real eye for design. Working with leads from a wide range of industries, he fully understands main objectives when working on a project, large or small.

Buford Jones III President / Founder

Buford is the President & Founding Partner of MillionFlea LLC. He's an experienced marcoms practitioner and manages projects from inception to delivery. He understands the synergy between great design and commercial effectiveness which shines through on every project.

Arnold J. Hogue COO

Arnold J. Hogue is the COO of MillionFlea. Being chief operations officer or also called a director of operations isn't an easy task, but Arnold loves what he does. His combination of knowledge and expertise is an important pillar to the entertainment world.

Lorie Jackson Project Manager

Lorie Jackson is the Project Manager for MillionFlea LLC. Her experiences include corporate executive, management, supervision and account executive. She specialises in the company's concept development and product marketing development.

what We Do



MillionFlea LLC creates scripts for full-length feature films and television in a vast array of genres.

Multimedia Creatives

Our creative team writes manuscripts, designs video game story lines and develops character-driven products.



Our most valued secret. We only do things that we love.

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